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A trusted partner for your multinational trade

We're in it together

For more than 25 years, we’ve supported ambitious multinationals who know that working with the right trade credit insurance partner opens up major advantages - driving certainty and sustainable growth in their businesses, wherever in the world they’re trading.

Many of the organisations who joined us at the start are still with us today (we’re proud to enjoy a retention rate pretty close to 100%). When we ask why, they tell us that they value the depth of our understanding of their business, and our commitment to supporting them in building it. And that they enjoy the mutual trust that comes from working together so closely – we feel like an extension of their own team.

These are the things we value most, too. For us, great decisions come from unshakeable partnerships with our customers - we stick together through thick and thin, to help their businesses grow sustainably and successfully.

It’s what we do best. Your business is our business. We’re in it together.



How we work with you

We work hard to understand your business

In life, when we need a trusted opinion on something important, we turn to those who understand us best. In business, it’s no different. We know from experience that powerful outcomes come from a place of shared knowledge, trust and deep mutual understanding - the things we value above all else.

Together, we become one team

You know a lot about your market - and so do we. We view a working relationship a lot like jigsaw pieces - by joining our knowledge together, we build a uniquely insightful understanding of what’s happening for your business. And it means we can really help you build your future, day in, day out.

We're only successful when you are

You can expect us to challenge you, look ahead for you, make our decisions with you, too. Decisions that help build your business steadily and sustainably, over time. We don’t think of people who choose Atradius as our customers - we’re partners. Your long-term success is how we measure our own, too.


Credit Insurance

Protect your accounts receivable with a single centralised credit insurance policy, with the flexibility of localised currencies, languages and terms.

Rowers 2-1

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Explore new business opportunities and access reliable surety protection with one of Europe’s leading bonds suppliers.


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Debt Collections

Benefit from streamlined reporting and worldwide collections experts who understand your brand reputation and your customers’ cultural background.

Life belt Atradius credit insurance

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Special Products

Enjoy our bespoke solutions for everything from non-cancellable cover to multi-buyer insurance.



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If you’d like to explore a refreshing new approach to managing your global trade credit risks, get in touch. Our aim is to create the best outcomes for your business.